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Traditional Chinese Medicine is safe

We are often asked if Traditional Chinese Medicine is safe. As with many other fields of health care, it is very safe when practiced by trained and qualified professionals. In most states, including Wisconsin, a trained and qualified acupuncturist is licensed or certified by the state regulatory body. This generally requires an acupuncturist to have earned a graduate degree and hold a national board certification.

Additionally, acupuncture is defined as a minimally invasive procedure and has an extremely low factor of risk. Further by using proper needle techniques, Clean Needle Protocol, and pre-sterilized single-use needles acupuncture procedures are among some of the safest medical procedures. The needles used in acupuncture are very fine and insertion is for the most part painless.

Chinese herbal medicine is another part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is often used during a course of treatment. The actions and effects of the individual herbs and the multiple combinations used in herbal formulas have been observed over thousands of years. When used correctly and in the proper amounts Chinese herbal medicine can effect great improvement with little to no negative side effects. Occurrences of adverse reactions are low and generally mild in nature. The products used at the North Cape Acupuncture clinic are purchased from reputable manufacturers who have their products independently tested to insure the purity and to insure that their products are free of contaminants.


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