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Licensed or Certified Acupuncturists?

In the state of Wisconsin, Acupuncturists are governed by Chapter 451 of the State Statutes. This statute grants qualified practitioners a Certification to practice acupuncture in the State of Wisconsin, and the title of Acupuncturist. Certified Acupuncturists often use the abbreviation of C.Ac.

So what is the difference? From the standpoint of education, training, and requisite skills there is no difference in Wisconsin between a Certified, or Licensed Acupuncturist. The only difference that exists in Wisconsin is the proper legal usage of the titles.

So why do I see so many people using L.Ac? L.Ac stands for Licensed Acupuncturist and there are two main reasons as to why you see people use this title in the state of Wisconsin. The first reason is that this title is much more recognized by the general public in the United States. The L.Ac designation is often unknowingly adopted by Wisconsin Acupuncturist because the title's higher profile.

The other reason is that many Acupuncturists hold licensure in other states and use the title granted by that state. This is to the best of our knowledge the only legal application of the title in Wisconsin.


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