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Acupuncture Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Acupuncture hurt?
  2. This truly is the most frequent question we are asked, and the answer is Acupuncture is relatively pain free. Acupuncturists today use thin, filiform needles that are presterilized, which lend themselves to a very comfortable experience. The most common sensation patients report feeling once the needles are inserted is a mild pressure, or gentle pulsating sensation.

  3. What is Acupuncture?
  4. Acupuncture is one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves the insertion of very thin, presterilized needles. The combination of acupuncture points used during treatment influence the physiological aspects of the patient's body triggering self healing.

  5. What can I expect for my first visit?
  6. We ask that patients wear, or bring with them, comfortable and loose fitting clothing. As a first time patient you will have a small amount of paperwork to fill out. Jamey or Doris then review that paperwork and conduct an initial intake to determine course of treatment. We then have you remove your shoes and socks, and if necessary allow you to change clothing. The treatment phase of your visit lasts approx. 30 - 35 minutes.

    Your first visit takes on average 1-1/2 hours. Follow up visits last on average 1 hour.

  7. How many acupuncture treatments do I need?
  8. It is very difficult to answer this question because at this moment we know nothing about your individual health complaint or health history. Acupuncture is very much a therapy process that everyone responds to individually. In general terms, the shorter period of time a health complaint exists the quicker it will respond to treatment.

  9. What do Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treat?
  10. The medicine we practice at North Cape Acupuncture treats a number of health issues. For more information we direct you to here.

  11. Does the Japanese kanji in your logo mean you do Japanese style Acupuncture?
  12. The two Japanese kanji found in our logo translate to "North" "Cape". When we romanize the kanji they appear as "kita" "saki" (the "s" has a sharper "zuh" sound), or Kitazaki, Doris's family name.

    Despite the influences of Doris's heritage on the business name, both Doris and Jamey practice Chinese style Acupuncture and are equal partners in the business.

  13. What forms of payment do you accept?
  14. Currently, North Cape Acupuncture is accepting cash, checks, and Mastercard or Visa credit cards. Debt cards, HSA cards, and FSA cards are valid forms of payment.

  15. What is the difference between a Certified Acupuncturist and a Licensed Acupuncturist?
  16. In Wisconsin the appropriate title, according to the Department of Regulation and Licensing, is Acupuncturist or Certified Acupuncturist. The credential issued by the state is a Certification, and not a License. For more information visit this page


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